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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery requires a skilled surgeon who knows how to produce the most pleasing results and the least conspicuous scars. Dr. Taube is well known for her expertise in neck and mid-face lifts, endoscopic brow lifts, blepharoplasty, and ear lobe reconstruction. Unsightly scars from previous surgeries can often be revised and greatly improved with Dr. Taube's state-of-the-art approach.

From cosmetic to reconstructive surgery, looking your best is our goal – and we aim to please! Dr. Taube has continued to expand her surgical techniques in cosmetic plastic surgery she performs. She has perfected a technique known as trans-blepharoplasty brow lift or brow pexy. She has also perfected a procedure to tighten, the eyelids when the patient has eyelid laxity or eye lid hanging down.