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Well-respected and recognized for her skill and expertise, Dr. Taube is experienced in a variety of ophthalmologic procedures and treatments, as well as reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. You'll enjoy the concierge-style approach to health care at the office, which means you'll be seen quickly and get the care you need when you need it. Whether you're looking for cosmetic procedures to enhance appearance or need emergency treatment following a trauma, Dr. Taube and her staff are the experienced, compassionate team you've been searching for.


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery requires a skilled surgeon who knows how to produce the most pleasing results and the least conspicuous scars.

Plastic Surgery For Eyelid Disease

Say goodbye to those baggy eyes! Droopy eyelids aren't just unsightly—they can interfere with vision and are often the result...

Aesthetic Procedures

Many aesthetic procedures can be minimally invasive while imparting a more youthful appearance. Dr. Taube is masterful...

Emergent Eyelid And Facial Repair With Acute Trauma

When faced with a traumatic injury to the eye or face, you want the best...

Oculoplastic Services For Various Eyelid Disorders

Reconstructive surgery of the eyelids is sometimes necessary following trauma, burns, or the removal of skin cancer.

Concierge Medicine

Dr. Taube's concierge-style approach to health care means that you'll be seen quickly and without question.

Facial Plastic Surgery

From cosmetic to reconstructive surgery looking your best is our goal – and we aim to please!

Mid Face Lift

This mid-face lift involves tightening the layer directly under the skin layer and removal of...

Neck Lift

Dr. Taube performs neck lift using the device called Endotine ribbon, manufactured by MicroAire.

Juvederm Injections

Juvederm ® dermal filler is used for replacing lost volume in the face. This dermal filler can also...


Blepharoplasty is the surgical technique to remove excess skin and fat of the upper and lower...

Botox Injections

This is the number one nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. Botox eliminates “worry lines” and...

Bellafill, Suneva

Bellafill is one of latest in nonsurgical semi-permanent fillers. Bellafill is manufactured by the...

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Many patients have old wounds and scars they desire to have removed or restructured. One the most...

Liposuction of Face, Neck and Other Body Areas

In addition to facial plastic and cosmetic surgery Dr. Taube, performs liposuction of the face...

Medical Cosmetic Products

At Affinity Aesthetics have several lines of prescription grade cosmetic products, like Regenica...

Insurance Partners Accepted

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